Jacinta, Mistress of Songto Everyone

I'm puzzled at the side of 'good' perhaps I was never meant to understand such a concept. Personally I thought that good people were supposed to help each other, no matter what. For some time now I've been helping people out to the best of my means. Why? simple because I have enjoyed it and like to SHARE knowledge etc. The thing that annoys me more than anything is that for my services i still have to pay hideous ammounts of money for items/potions etc which are being used mainly for the help of others. People running about with 40k in their accounts and charging 500 gold for items seems to me like pure greed, something I didn't expect to find in mercinae or parrius. For now I will remain cityless, who knows perhaps one day if the 'good' people of the land buck their ideas up a little I shall return.