Allanonto Isaac, of the shifty eyes

Certain combinations of skills may seem like cheating and I for one dont intend to post all the tricks of my trade on the public BB just so you feel comfortable they are ok.

My profession is not designed to be combative and ceretainly unlike a Knight

Therefore a loremaster by the nature of his skills must experiment, use guile and generally try to be clever in the combinations of guild and non guild skills to come up with effective tactics.

Apart from summonin off the ship, an accident, I am confident that as the wise Orthwein points out there is a simple legitimate defence to the skills being used againt you.

I would suggest you spend more time thinking about that rather than complaining about dying. In this light I am more than happy to demonstrate the inventive use of my skills and will do so whenever I see you unprotected.

Perhaps riding the ship a few times will give you the peace and quiet you require to get your mind around such matters of deep contempletion.