Bad Loser

Allanonto Macros, Prince of Darkness

When you rejoined Thakria I was reminded of the personal attacks you visited upon me in the past, left unavenged.

I am now more equipped to exact some meagre revenge, I did not attempt to strip shatter n smelt as I look upon you as an honourable player and was most surprised at your torrent of abuse.

If you have lag, no f keys etc it is simple, dont log on or dont complain if you are caught out qq.

Threatening to abuse every bug strip and kill me and afterwards promising to take your frustrations on Mercinaes citizens does you no credit at all.

If you take position as the number one evil player in Avalon expect some attempt at revenge from me for the times you have played with me chasing me around Avalon.

I dont look forward to our next meeting but I dont fear it.;