Being 'neutral' must be the toughest thing to do in a world where your objective views are viewed so subjectively. I commend your actions in restoring the balance of good and evil. The two must respected 'evil' fighters are back once again bringing action to Avalon, as Lancelot pointed out. I add my 2 cents worth of opinion because we have heard from your order of which I amnot a member.

It may also be a good time to say that I feel the Bloodlust system has worked as intended. Because of greatly reduced skills many fighters, both good and evil have avoided confrontations that would have surely been devastating. And, as with any cycle in nature, a waning must be followed by an ebbing, so must it be with good and evil, bloodlust and chivalry, and the harvesting of the fruits of the land. With this said.


Sir Kindred, Warrior through and through