Miss Manners

Don Wylan de Marco, the Mad Paramourto Mercy

Why, thank you Mercy! This wonderful crusade to straighten out our manners makes me feel warm all over. . . It's good to know we have someone like you to instruct Herr Dankworth in his manners. I mean, if it wasn't for you, people might actually be r ude, and we can't have that. I know you follow these rules, especially when I was picking herbs and you politely began attacking me, crippling me, gave me anorexia, clumsied me. . hmm. . I miss anything? YOu also politely took a sword of mine--My my! We *are* polite, aren't we!

Thank you for respecting all of us in Avalon, Mercy. Your politeness touches my heart, and I hope that I may one day display such \"manners\" to you in the future, perhaps when you are \"inadvertently\" listening to people through your stone.

Thanks for the lesson, it moves my heart.

Don Wylan de Marco, ever mindful of manners. (And Mercy's best friend).