For just one last time I shall explain my PERSONAL policy on wurtfoil.

I am one of the few Animists who is willing to provide wurtfoil to active fighters of any alignmnet. Nonetheless, there is absolutely no way I can provide wurtfoil to all (ALMOST EVERYONE) who asks me for it.

My general policy is to reject all direct requests and instead to occassionally select a few people for a brew. In this I concentrate on need and on maintaining a balance between Good and Evil. This may not be perfect but it is the most neutral I can be and, as a follower of Andromeda, neutrality is key to me.

There is only really one vice I can't abide in Avalon and thats self- importance. I detect it in you in large measure. I wouldnt expect to be one of the 'Good' set of people given Wurtfoil by me.