Fighting in the forests

Ranger Harristo Karamis, of the grass-stained feet

So you want to protect life in Avalon. Fine, good luck to you. I respect sentient life in Avalon, and have never initiated hostile action against a human player, despite provocation and despite this not being against \"guild ideals\".

What I have done, and what I consider it is my duty to do, is fight whenever neccessary to protect the forests, often within the bounds of the forests themselves. This I do knowing that this is what what my guild does, what we were founded to do. Hamper us and you hamper the protection of the forest.

I shall continue to do what I have always done, knowing, after personal consultation, that my Patron fully supports such actions.

Ranger Harris, for Maedhros and the Greenwood.

Oh, and by the way, I am a citizen of the Greenwood. I renounced ties with other places to live there because I love and respect it so much. I am at one with the forest, and know its moods. Were it to object to my actions, I would know. Where is it that you live?