The same old thing

Well, no.

Do you not, as GM, now define \"guild ideals\"? Will you not define these guild ideals as you see fit? Is not what you see fit to define, a certain measure of arbitration, as Dankworth put it? Refereeing? If you could please define what those guild ideals are, then, perhaps, we could see things clearly.

I perceive animists as individuals, yes, each being allowed their own decision as to who they wish to help, and such like. But if these aforementionned individuals have to act under guild ideals, is that not restrcitive? Beyond, of course, respect for all life, the not taking of life except in extreme circumstances, etc. Unless, perhaps, those are the only ideals you will impose, in which case that may render my post meaningless, which comes with its own set of consequences. Please illuminate me.

Zane, hoping he has a point.