Animism and the Forests

Herr Dankworth, the Dark Forestalto Everyone

The policy proposed by Karamis is tantamount to making the Animists a Good guild. This is in complete opposition to every effort that I have made to keep the guild neutral and to ensure that we are able to help all in Avalon.

Karamis' theories are clearly deeply offensive to all those non-Animists who are connected with the forests and in particular the Rangers and the Brigands. Our job is to protect the fabric of the forest, not to rule over those within it. The Animists were not equipped to act as Ringmasters and Referees in Avalon.

Karamis has challanged me for leadership of our guild on this point. If she wins and makes this the official policy of the Animists guild, then I regret that there will no longer be a place for me in it.