Thieves & Morales

Disciple Cimaresto Sethanor the Dark

Sethanor, I would just like to bring to your attention the fact there the thieves guild is bound by some of the tightest morales of them all. I think you may well be hard pressed to find a guild with less Morales.

We do not take peoples possessions lightly, Everytime i steal is another burden on my already heavy heart. We do not steal amongst our own, and we never kill each other unless provoked.

The fact that we live amongst the shadows of the more prominent guild is by no means to suggest we have no morales. Being a thief and a member of the Thieves guild is an honour, and one that cannot be understood by a non member. Be careful how you use the terms thief and morales in the same sentence. Some might deem it an insult, whereas with my morales, I just choose to edjucate.

Cimares, Thief Master.