First, I would like to state that you spout some of the greatest quantities of drivel that it has ever been my displeasure to wade through. You clearly have no concept of power within the land. It is obvious to myself that this latest batch of drivel is nothing more than a quest for some measure of respect or power for your own feeble slef. Understand this: My patron is Nostradamus, NOT Karamis the animist. I would imagine that very few other people have you as their patron. I will do as I please. If I am interefered with in the forests, depending upon the nature of the interference, I may merely defoliate 20 or so locations. I may go and defoliate every location and kill every Parrian and Mercinaen online that I see. All in all you worthless maggot, I would suggest that you try your mind tricks of power on those with a similar mental capacity to yourself. Interefere with me at the peril of all that you seek to protect.

Macros, Prince of Darkness.