Magelord Hero, the Umbrogento Jacinta, The Bitch

Herbs being handed out by the bucketfull to the good side? I am afraid I must disagree. Neither myself or any of my friends have received a single herb from an animist (to my knowledge) in the last 2 months since I returned. This includes the redoubtfull wurtfoil, as I have been told specifically by two animists that it is not currently available. This is not a complaint, as I feel the animists have every right to withhold healing from an incorruptible fighter such as myself - it is my choice, and I live with the consequence of such a lifestyle. It is unfortunate with the number of godzaps i've been getting recently though.

Anyways, if the animists wish to withhold wurtfoil, and protect the forests, that is entirely up to them. However, there are other ways to live, and I would hope Karamis, that you would not hold it against us that some of us hold a different point of view, and indeed live an entirely different way. My choice is to protect my friends and myself, and this sometimes nevessitates fighting in a wooded area. Remember, the woods of Aldaron are full of 'natural' death - the foxes, wolves and birds kill, so that they may live - i do the same as many other forms of life, i destroy other life so that I may preserve my own... survival of the fittest.