The Forests

Karamis, of the grass-stained feetto Everyone

As you all know, the Greenwood is the domain of Aldaron, the god of life. The forests in general are teeming with wildlife and plants that the Animists hold dear. I am tired of seeing these areas abused as killing fields and plains of warfare. I have seen people whine and complain about the injustices they have suffered and then turn around and inflict the same upon others. I dont care what alignment anyone is called, if you are fighting in the forests, I will make it my business to convince you to move your activities elsewhere. Don't complain to me about fights interrupted and inconveniences in your tactics. Refrain from setting up in the forests and there is little you will have to complain about.

The forests should be a refuge for those wishing to explore and enjoy the surroundings. That is how I see it and that is what I will work towards.

Karamis, of the grass-stained feet