NO evil in Avalon

Yarrowto Everyone

Hello everyone it's me again! I tried to post this point prior to the ordination but being new I screwed it up! Apparently something I posted rather tickled the touche of our most illustrious god of Time but I don't know what. Anyway, the point I had previously attempted to make was that their were and are no evil characters in Avalon. We all agree (probably) that a properly role-played animist can be said to represent the good end of the, I feel rather pointless, good/evil argument. They should help anyone and everyone regardless right? Hence a truely evil player would kill or maim anyone and everyone indicriminately! There just isn't anyone like that. Even Shaitan had morals of a sort. OK you Parrians and Mercinaens thought he was a bastard, perhaps he was, but he did love his city and it's people. Example, he was kind enough to help me, who he doesn't know from Adam, while I'm sure he had more important stuff to do (like prepare for godhood!) So please can you stop moaning when someone kills because your

n the \"other\" side. An evil player has just as much right to kill a good one for that reason as vice versa. In the end were all just shades of neutral, trying to achieve the same ends. So we all use different methods, so what?

Belated congrats to Shaitan! Hip hip hooray! Yippee!

Yarrow, neutral and staying that way. (Also jester to Genesis)