Allanonto Everyone

On the subject of your offer and given my clarification of my meaning why should I risk losing a skill to try a couple of tricks that might fail.

I earned the right to fight by winning a gem, it's a shame that due to a fault outside either of our control the fight never went full course.

I apologise if you inferred that I was stating that Shaitan was not the mightiest mortal.

I would hope Shaitan would agree he would rather have whipped all and sundry in ideal ordination circumstance rather that the connections to Avalon spoling the show.

Your will is divine, what can I do but explain my meaning.

If you take offence at this post I would feel regret - What is done is done the clock cannot be turned back - but I would hope that the essence that remains of Shaitan would accept and understand the point made.

Allanon, frustrated that he missed out on the fun.