Allanonto Everyone

The points I made were valid and to avoid confusion and insult I will re-state:

1. I am disaapointed that my sands quest with Shaitan did not finish - I aam not suggesting I would have suceeded - just stating it was a shame I did not get a chance to try.

2. Part of my poor performance was the little preparation time (you know what I mean if I say my smoke megillos had the wrong pipe no. due to reset to Sat morning - why did Avalon reset by the way) but that is little excuse I accepted the 30 mins to prepare and thats that.

3. I did not infer that only good people may not have benn on, I merely asked how many did not make it on seeing the problems I had.

4. That you would of won anyhows I am not necessarily disputing, I was inviting you to acknowledge the fact that things were not how you would have liked them either.