Sigh What A Pisser

Allanonto Everyone

Just to let you know what happend, with about 20 minutes of my semi with Shaitan to go lag whacked me and then locked me out, I tried 3 Internet Providers to get back on and could not get through a massively lagged Avalon Log in screen.

Whilst Shaitan for the early part of our fight killed me repeatedly with his lovely array of gems and skills I will forever curse the day I never got a chance to play my 2 trump cards (which I was saving until the end).

Whether they would have worked or not who can say, perhaps The Messiah or whatever he has called himself will regret attaining Godship by default.

Also how many of the good guys couldnt get on ?, Silo's request after gorey details is really trying to find out who else was screwedby being unable to gain access to Avalon.

Anyhow, congratualtions to the mortal Shaitan , I cannot help but think of him as the n loser as the circumstances surrounding his ordination were flawed albeit by circumstances outside his control.