I volunteer

The Lord, Shaitanto Apollo, the god of light

I, Shaitan, volunteer to \"take care\" of the people causing this lag. For the mere price of 10000 gold I'll make your problem \"go away. \" Naturally, I realize you have the power to do this yourself, but I would not want someone of your stature to bother himself with such lowly problems. I hesitate even to ask for gold, but I will need to buy some items to help me \"take care of\" this problem. I'll also need to hire couple guys by the name of vinny.

To your health and, in fact, since I'm in such a damn good spanking mood, to the good health of all in avalon! Andromeda, I apologize for insinuating that you have stooped to equipping your fine highpriest with \"unfair\" items. I can't say I even care anymore. Salud!