I had to enter this debate.

Hero, you claim that each evil people do not stop when punishment has been metered out. But what do you define as punishment. A while ago, I believe it was Elrac. (Don't quote me on all the names here) punished a mercinaen for beating up a small thakrian, He was then beaten up by someone else, Whop was beatned up by someone bigger, then eventually, the Mercinaen strike force came down on the intial thakrian for his crimes.

Where does it end.?

If as you claim that each punishment is an individual case, meted out, then case closed, Then the other day, gandalf and Silo and Allanon should never have been involved. However, due to the way Avalon reports these things to people, The \"Goodies\" just see a thakrian killing a mercinaen. They then deiced to punish the thakrian... and so on. So It shows that the \"Good\" players do not stop when punishment has been dealt out, as they do not know when to stop... How can they, when they perhaps don't know the initial crime.