Actions & Alignment

Allanonto Everyone

I think the point that is being skirted around is that there is a distiction between the actions of a player (which may be interpreted in isolation as good or evil) and the cause or motivation behind the action.

In many circumstances the cause can be questioned or disagreed with, but the motivation must be considered hand in hand with the action being judged.,

Many motivation may well be looked upon as reasonable such as personal emnity, guild loyalty, loyalty to friends/city/patron no matter what city the perpetrators are from.

However many citizens of Thakria due to the professions and way of life they choose will perform evil acts on targets thats are unwarranted, indescriminate and bear no relation to what is fair or honourable.

In another era in another world the code by which you lived your life was as important as the way you acted. Knights could be \"good\" or \"evil\" but would both act with a degree of honour (attacking worthy opponents, announcing attacks etc).

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