The truth...

The truth of the matter Singe, is that yes you did challenge me, while you were sitting in the middle of Thak Square, with about 3 other thaks close by, and a seer already waiting in the Hall of Dreams to curse me. did you think that i could not see your pathetic little trap ?. Why do you think that i should have to come to you ?

As i have explained to you before, the only reason i attacked and stole from you, was for your unwarranted attack and theft from Mercy. You and Wylan. All of the goods i stole were given to her as compensation (ask her).

I have many better things to do with my time than pander to a tiny little thakrian. go away... bug.

Good V Evil , the difference. --- The things that we do are similar . yes. but the reasons that we do them are not. If i steal from a thakrian,it is with sole intention of reimbursing someone.

When shaitan has stolen,he has either kept the goods, or accumulated so many that he has to put them up for sale in a shop......... (remember shaitan?, god i loved taking all those goods......... gave me the BIGGEST grin for a week! Muhahahah!!!!!!!)

Sir Haplo, Knight of Fate. And a nice guy really <honest!>