Overkill of the innocent

Mad Aerian the Green herbto Everyone

I am appalled by the behaviour of some of the most prominent people in the realm. I have noticed that increasingly more and more innocent lives are being lost, lives which have no chance at all of protecting themselves.

The agressors are not only slaying my dearest friends, brothers and sisters but they are dealing in their bodies too! They sell them for a profit... DISGUSTING. This is not all that they do. They lock them up in tiny rooms with no air, water or sunlight ... how can they be so cruel??

I refer of course to the Animists and the Enchanters who pluck my friends from their homes and imprison them in herb pouches and sell them to others for gold. I am ashamed by their actions.

Theives I can excuse, for the poisons are a nasty folk but my herbs are innocent!!

I take a dim veiw of any who contines with picking, imprisoning and selling and as soon as I can I will translocate my friends to safer