Pecking Order

Allanonto The Lord, Shaitan

I would be the first to congratualte the likes of Xandamere as he is probably a better players even than yourself relative to his skills (even if you may coach him a bit).

Also I agree I probably are not as good as I could or should be but I am getting there .

My point is a warning to the numerous \"little\" thakrians who are getting ideas above their lowly stations due to probably your rants on the city BB about how crap everyone else is.

Well aspiring Thakrians had better think twice, especially if you were to cast of your mortal coils - too many of them may pick off more than they can chew and will very quickly choke on it!.

To shriek I did not portal to you but came upwards from the entrance chamber where I was talking to Singe, until you consider apologising consider yourself a target.