Zane, the Nefariousto Everyone

Just a thought...

Most of you know me as a pacifist. I am rarely inclined to fight, or even steal, tough I am a thief. It is my way, and my business. I live my life in Avalon as I wish to live it, and dont feel bound, nor do I think I should, by \"rules\" of behaviour.

When Shaitan, who, by the way, without going into a repeat of Shriek's post, (thanks, Shriek, in passing), has also helped me a great deal, and advised on all these boring things that Shriek mentions, when Shaitan, I say, decides to kill a month old character, is that so wrong? I really mean this question. Is he not the cruellest, most evil, low, crass, base and plain inhuman Sorcerer to ever inhabit this Land? Why the hell should he care how long a so-called huggy has been playing? Is it not actually perhaps a good part of cruelty to slay one so young? Do you not think it fits in with the role? Recall those stories, if you fancy those, where evil sorcerers and such slay women and helpless (almost said hapless there... just kidding) children for sport? or to anger those who would defend them?

I say get over it. If Shaitan did not reply to an insult by a thorough slaying as well as a complete and proper stripping, would he command the respect (say what you will here) that he does? And it's regardless owhether there was an insult or not, really. It's his business.

I've played a few other MUD's (sorry, Gen, I was unfaithful) where there exists a kind of permanent truce between good and evil. It's boring as hell. There is no conflict, no thrill, no point. As Shriek said, Avalon is hard, just like life can be hard. It's what makes it what it is.