Shriek, in the Nightto Everyone

I think the fact that most of you are missing is that your feelings or beliefs are just that... Yours. I owe a great deal to debt to Shaitan. When I fisrt started playing, a Mercinaean by birth, I can honestly say that I recieved no help what so ever, save from Shaitan. Let me state here that the intent of this BB post is not to in anyway slag the other cities, but as a Novice I was all but ignored by all by all except Shaitan. He offered me a place in his city and his guild and more importantly took the time to show me the ropes. No, not the in's and out's of ringing a huggy's neck but the monotonous things like gold quests and finding my way around. Even my fellow Thakrians (Zane excepted) didn't seem to have time for those little things that Shaitan made time for. Odds are I would have drifted away from the game after the first 5 free hours if I hadn't got this help. I'm not trying to tell a sob story here but Shaitan does this for many new players and continues to help them whenever they need it. Perhap

you don't all agree with the way Shaitan slaps yer butts but I Have to say that he serves as a damn good example to you in other ways. When was the last time you took a Novice around Haplo? Shaitan has not only friends but the respect of those friends. Perhaps you don't find my name of enough consequence to be called real support but you see I really don't care. I support Shaitan as my Prince, guildmaster and ordination candidate not because I am a Thakrian or a follower of Mephisto but because he has ALWAYS done his best to help me whenever I needed it. It's called loyalty folks - you may have a problem with it but I don't. So, please feel free to slag my BB post all to hell but you see I really don't give a damn what you think. Perhaps take your time thinking about something of consequence to post here instead?