Karamis, if you'd go back and read what i previously posted, you'd see that I addressed the exact point you took up. My point is this: the animists, in REVENGING the death of a forest ccc act no different from anyone who has EVER killed a thakrian. What you are saying is that since jharrik killed a forest ccc at one point, he deserves to be hounded down forever by the forest cccs. I'm not arguing with this cause personally, I don't believe in forgiveness in most cases. However, if you feel this way, let's not have any complains from anyone when I perpetually kill anyone that has ever attacked a goblin or a thakrian ccc or a thakrian. To harris: I really don't see why this is difficult. Never did I claim that the animists act differently from me. My point is that they are, in fact, acting the same as me. Sure, orcs attack you and I kill you for it. Fine fine. I\"m revenging their deaths. The orcs attacked YOU and it's your right to kill them back. However, I like the orcs and I will kill you for killing the

, no matter what the reason. What I find amusing is that the animists are using the exact same rationale to decompose jharrik as I do to kill you. There is absolutely no difference in their methods or reasons, save that their methods tend to be less effective cause they are reasonably incompetent.

Lugonn: I killed you because you are an idiot. anyone that claims to be a