Master stone

Ithakus, I believe it may be prudent for you to take a long hard look at your last message. Firstly, as you are certainly aware, my Lord Nostradamus is no longer god of the stars, and, though I am in no postion to presume the wishes of a deity, I imagine that his views on the master stone have somewhat changed.

More to the point however, I think it can be clearly seen that the truce which led to the unquestioned bonding of the master stone is no more - I, like several others in my guild, tire of the immense power of the master stone being in the hands of such a weak and pathetic guild. This honour should be restricted to the worthy forces of Darkness and Night who, as I am sure you know but are unwilling to admit, could harness the true might of the stone and use it to its potential. I, like other seers care nothing for our weaker cousins in the other seer profession guilds - the possession of the stone should reflect this.

Yours, Malachaius