Master Seeing Stone in Room of Stars

Scryer Ithakus of Mercinaeto Everyone

The master seeing stone is now available for use by all members of the seers profession, as it should be. This dates back to an agreement between all 3 Seer Guild Masters and Nostradamus, then God of the Stars. Under that agreement the Master stone in Room of Stars was to be available to all members of the Seers profession.

Clearly Sorithia had not been made aware of that by her fellow guild members.

Often when seeing stones change hands the enslaved stones which can access their sphere of influence can become freed from the master. If any member of the Seers profession has a seeing stone which has become disconnected then I would be delighted to re-enslave it for them.

I hope that this will be the end of the matter, I for one hate sitting in room of stars for prolonged periods of time. However as Derillion and Arn will testify I will sit there for the rest of my life protecting the interests of My Guild, My City and the Seers Profession.