Lugonn, The Shining Oneto The Lord, Shaitan

Shaitan you amaze me, you seem ot have set yourself up as supreme abritor of role playing no doubt you, depiste never having been an animist think you know exactly how one can and cant behave yet if you do anything it's in teh guise of being a supreme bastard and are therfore excused any behavour whatsoever.

Migh I point out you reacently killed me for an out of game event

To me this is in fact theultimate in out of role activity It may interst you I'm visiting the states over the ordination period I'll be most interested to see how well you perfom given an equal speed link I seem to remember A god, threataning removal of personna if things were taken out of context of the land of avalon perhaps you would do well to remember this warning

Lugonn, The Shining One