Cccs and all that

There is a difference, Shaitan, between wandering into a location and being attacked and PURPOSELY seeking out certain members of the forest to kill. When the people of Avalon go into Orcdom they know they will be attacked and take that risk. To become an enemy of the greenwood one needs to have already acted as a killer towards the animals, CCCs, and forest. Newbies are not attacked be the likes of Theacrus, Cormellon, etc. So quit complaining about people being attacked by forest CCCs, the people who are attacked by peaceful members (ie, Ribald vs. the Bandits) have earned enemy status.

Jharrik knows what happened to cause me to end his life, it had more to do with threats and not past actions. Enough has been said about this subject. I suggest that you re-read the Help Animists, Shaitan. The ending section particularly.