This debate

The Lord, Shaitanto Everyone

This debate is rather amusing since it is the forest cccs that are generally the aggressors. I don't kill them unless they attack me, yet they persist in doing so. The animists then, are not protecting them, but merely avenging them. It would be one thing if the forest cccs were not attacking first, but they are.

Now, one can make the argument that jharrik must have, at one time, attacked a forest ccc, which made him an enemy of greenwood and this is why the forest cccs are attacking him. However, by the same logic it is then ok for a thakrian to attack ANY non-thakrian that has ever attacked a thakrian and if the thakrian loses, it is certainly ok for me to avenge their deaths (protecting my thakrians, the same way the animists protect the forest cccs).

If you animists want peace, then I suggest you have a word with the supposedly non-aggressive cccs. These guys attack more consistently than I do.