Advance Warning

Genesis, the god of timeto Everyone

Currenly Avalon is sited in Chicago. However, this is not the optimum place for it to be to provide minimum lag for global users (particularly those in the United Kingdom). So, we're moving site to Washington D. C. sometime this week or early next week. We will be siting directly one hop away from the Sprint/MCI hubs and at the end of the transatlantic connections for both Demon, Pipex and the main academic routes. This should cut down on lag considerably, and is, pretty much, the best place we can possibly be for users on both sides of the Atlantic.

There may be some disruption associated with the move. I envisage six hours downtime while I carry computers from Chicago to D. C., and a further few days for avalon-rpg. com to point to the new address. However, the moment you find Avalon unavailable on avalon-rpg. com at, you will be able to try the new numeric address This will be working the moment I plug the machines in. So make a note.

Well, here's hoping this will be the last move we need to make for a while.