No, I did not CHOOSE to make this a matter for the whole of Avalon, Lugonn forced me, by his conduct, to do so. Had he been responsible, and had genuine concerns about any action of mine, the correct course of action would have been to approach me privately (as I said, I _thought_ we were friends), to see if we could sort things out. In fact, even after he posted his message on your guild BB, _I_ did approach him privately; this was his response:-

2nd of October. Lugonn: \"I suggest you speak to certain barons who maintain you *have* evoked uwurtfoil for them\"

You will note that he _still_ does not name the barons. What was I supposed to do - message every baron in Avalon, asking them what they had been saying to Lugonn about me? That scarcely seems to me to be a good way to protect my reputation; on the contrary, it would give the immpression I had something to hide.

I did the only thing I could do by posting here. I can't post on your guild BB, so how else could I let your members know I utterly deny Luginn's lies about me?