Lugonn (2)

2: Certain barons have told Lugonn lies about me, and he has been foolish enough to believe them. In this case, he should reveal the names of the barons, so their lies can be exposed.

3: Lugonn has made up the allegations himself.

May I remind you of the principles of Natural Justice, which apply irrespective of legal systems. These are, that the accused should be informed of the precise allegations against them, and be given the opportunity to reply to the allegations. I have been denied these rights; I have never been told WHICH barons I am supposed to have supplied, and, had it not been for Fiorella informing, I should presumably not even know of the allegations, since Lugonn wanted to petition the gods directly for my \"punishment\". I trust that the GM of a respected guild will see the need to apply these principles.