Might I enquire if you intend to take any action about the campaign of vilification that one of your members has been pursuing against me?

I am still bewildered, not to mention hurt, that one whom I had thought of as a friend should have suddenly launched a campaign to lead people to believe that I had been supplying wurtfoil to the enemies of my guild. Particularly, since it came at a time when I had been all but inactive for weeks, and could hardly have done anything to offend anyone.

There seem to be three possibilities:

1: My persona has been hacked, and someone has been doing with it just what Lugonn complains of. I think this unlikely, since I can detect no trace of it, but it remains possible. The responsible approach would have been for Lugonn to contact me with details and times of unusual behaviour, so that I could have tried to catch the hacker in the act. Lugonn did not do this...