The Lord, Shaitanto Guildmaster Allanon, Artisan

What is this loremaster council? Cuchulain is not a part of it. ramis is not a part of it. So what you really mean is that it's made up of the huggies.

Anyhow, to everyone: We have 200+ runes for sale and a bunch of potions. We have blue health, sparkling mana, magenta diffusion, and white allheal potions. We have oval, sphere, pyramid, bug, talisman, charm, crescent, hand, face snowflake, flame, and probably some other types of runes for sale. Runes will be sold at 300, potions at 400. Note that this is a significant discount to the little alchemist/artisan union. Mail me a letter with the money in it and a list of what you want. Stick the gold in the letter. Make SURE you write on the letter who you are so I know who to mail it back to. I'll stick what you want in the letter and mail it back along with any money you have coming back to you if we are out of something.

(waits for allanon to claim that I will just keep the money and not give you items).

Oh, by the way, any aristans and alchemists that want these items: the prices are as follows... 700 for a rune and 900 for a potion. You gouge everyone, I'll gouge you.