Loremaster Pricing

Guildmaster Allanon, Artisanto Everyone

Tonight Shaitan crows about the end of the pricing structure recently introduced.

He shout that 100 runes and loads of potions were availale at knockdown prices (400 per potion and 300 per rune). I went along to see.

I saw few people buying and in fact they were asking for potions the ever so busy and dedicated cuchulain had no time to make.

To test the water I stated that I would be preapred to sell requested potions at a little more than shaitan. He then crows about the union is dead etc etc etc.

I explained it is NOT dead but the profession will adjust to market forces as and when necessary.

Interestly I withdraw my offer but I sold a requested potion to a Thakrian straight after for 7-00 gold.

It goes to show people will pay for what they want - in due course with my brothers in the profession we shall review the pricing as we see fit and agree as a whole profession via the loremaster council made up from all guilds/cities