You are the perfect example of the type of Shaitan Clone (or is it clown) being encouraged in Thakria, and rabidly following Mephisto.

Shaitan apart from being a tosser can be respected for his skill if not his childish attitude in wanting everything favoured his way, you Astiron are pathetic.

You choose a life of comabt and you think yourself well skilled and clever but running to a god marked (non temple) location between fights or if it is going badly is a throwback to the days of the sanctuary of the void.

Should everyone have their patron mark handy locations to hide in, should the BB start to feature \"god marked loc rules\" and \"do's and dont's\".

One thing Shaitan does do (apart from when there is silly numbers) is not run in the unfair sense of the word, although being able to go astral without mana loss (even without nhis gem) was an easy get out.

You choose your life, if you want respect and respect for your patron then must earn it.