The Lord, Shaitanto Guildmaster Allanon, Artisan

Rarely do I do anything for the good of the game. That is generally the business of gods. This, however, is in the good of the game. As for breaking my rules, I was not one of the people I was referring to. I don't, nor do I need to, use temples to run to or for safe havens.

As for how many of my proteges use temples, well, the number is diminishingly small compared to you all. I constantly see thakrians challenge huggies and the huggies will not come out. Rarely do I see it happen the other way. And type \"who\" most of the time and have alook at how many mercs are sitting in the entrance to the temple of light. You are one of the worst offenders of this allanon. You, gandalf, silo, ithakus, etc. You guys practically hold court there.