Guildmaster Allanon, Artisanto The Lord, Shaitan

You seem to be the worst for this Shaitan making your \"rules\" then breaking them when you see fit.

How about rather than temples being safe havens, certain locations like the meeting place etc could be set aside for those who do not wish to take part in combat.

Part of the Loremasters philosophy of making Traversal items a rare and restricted commodity is to put some semblance of security back into spending time in your guild with suitable runes to prevent portals and it actually working.

The only other potential option is greater use of divine presences.

Me thinks Shaitan does not want the rules changed for general good but because at this time it happens to support him best. How many of his grovelling proteges in Thakria utilise the temples in the innappropriate way Shaitan says compared to the \"good\" players