The Lord, Shaitanto Everyone

These nebulous temple rules have become a joke. Players abuse them constantly, trying to find reasons why it's ok to attack and then run to a temple in this case or in that case. I urge all gods to consider taking the iniative and moving his or her temple somewhere remote, so not only can players not use them as a base to play from, but they must make an effort to go there and worship you.

The idea with temples are that you are there to worship your god, not to conduct game business as I've seen many players, of all sides, doing. I hereby pledge that if I am ordained, my temple will be located somewhere not easily accessible. Using a temple as a base of operations or to prepare to for a fight makes a mockery of the temple. We have all been guilty of doing this, whether it be dancing rituals or summoning demons in them to putting up defences in them. It is ridiculous and no matter how often the gods post the rules here, certain players will persist in abusing temples, trying to find little \"loopholes\" they think they can use to abuse them.