Next God - ha Your Pathetic

Guildmaster Allanon, Artisanto The Lord, Shaitan

Yesterdat evening after shait had jumped me once or twice (with no luck) I ventured from my temple to get a cake to have with my cup of tea.

Unfortunately the crap Newtork either in the States or UK decided to get lagged to shit and eventually dropped out alltogether.

Shaitan who obviously keeps an eye out portalled to me and no believing his luck proceeded to kill me in my lagged up state.

That in itself I have no objections with although it must have been obvious that since I did not do my customasry getting away there must be something up.

Because I had a grey potion quaffed I logged back on a few minutes later to log out properly ( in the past I have lost creds by link not fully dropping when i have ce=rashed).

Shaitan then jumps me again as the lagg is no better, I should have had porotection but somehow he starts stripping me of my stuff, vamping me etc...

All this goes to show what a pathetic persobn you are, I can easily replace my stuff so it's not that, just another example of you \"cheating\" the system to do something you cannot do by evil means, if you get ordained you'll lower the status of god.