You Snivelling Coward

Cimares, The Shadow Baronto Droggy, the Wild

Droggy you will die a thousand deaths. You constantly attack young thakrians, I witnessed two die to you this morning, one who has only been a member of My city for a week or two. This sort of cowardice is disgusting. but then , When I challenged and attacked you, you ran. Oh and where did you run to. Oh yes. before the Portals, In Yours Gods temple. Didn't you read all those posts a long time ago, about fighting From a temple. I mean, you ran from me, probably the least offensive Baron of Thakria. You make me sick. I thought eating bad fish was the worst to make me sick, but you beat that hands down.

You are the boil on the arsehole of avalonkind,.

Cimares, For Mephisto,Thakria.