Further thougght

Allanon, Master Artisanto Everyone

After thinking about it more the price per sip equivalent shows that pricing is fair.

An ult poition where it is just a refill is 200gp + 50x10 = 700GP MAXe

For potions like Magenta Diffusion or Vermillion Immunity is this really so different a protection as compared to Kelventari.

A max potion is equivalent to 14 GP per sip, I think a lot of the complaining is from players that have had it too easy for too long and think doing money quests is below them.

If you want to walk around Avalon protected to the hilt then the Herbs and Potions to do that have an intrinsic cost.

Simalarly, the occasional use potions eg White Allheale (which is the ULT potion in elixirs) is used lazily when there are numerous herbs that can cure various afflications.

For younger players a quick walk through the waterfall is free and does much the same job.+

For those of you who have been complaining aswer the logic of this post - as