Silk, the Kwisatz Haderachto Everyone

Incredible! Volume on the potion brew ha ha <get it> has slowed down a bit. Guess it's time for me to drop my 2 cents worth.

I have been informed that a number of various alchemical creations and concoctions will soon be made available within the walls of thakria, at a rate greatly below that of the current 'going rate' of the Loremaster mafia. I am Parrian to the core, and it hurts <You have NO idea how badly> to go spend my hard earned cash in Thakria. However, if this inflation continues, we'll soon all be doing nothing but chasing gold quests to remain on an equal footing with those who DO purchase the lower priced but equally well crafted goods.

Let the market dictate, then. Cheap goods soon to arrive in Thakria.

Can't some loyal Parrians, or Mercinaens, help us keep on an equal footing with the Thaks? Their willingness to sell to each other at a reasonable rate puts our teamwork factor to shame.

Think hard,