Potion makers cont

Kuurusto Everyone

A couple of final more touchy points. Personally If I see anyone killing loremasters for their goods I will ensure they lose the services of the guild killing loremasters for this reason is such stupidity it defies logic. Also the guild has made it clear that Like some other guilds only Primary characters will be passed into the guild. Whilst many think this is not possible to police I have it on good authority it is. It is also hypicritacle of those of you who dictace such a policy inyour own guilds to seek to undermine such in ours.

Lastly. Ok I'll be happy to take up your offer shaitan if you can pay the 1000.00 per quarter i pay to be in the land. But I'm not sure how or why such a thing should be allowed to even be suggested. If it is then it makes the whole of the Avalon concept pointless.