Your comments on the loremaster issue

Squire Resnikto Calagan, Keeper of The Grey Forest

Calagan ... the first real sense i have seen on this issue came from you. The idea of a sliding scale of prices for the services that loremasters provide dependant upon the level of theor skills and hence the power of their products is the most attra ctive and sensible suggestion i have seen. This would as you say enable lesser skilled loremasters to trade and also the higher skilled ones to gain the benefit of their higher skills. Most of the complaints i have heard from loremasters is that their skills are not rewarded, this scheme would reward them. If it is reward for their skills that gandalf and allanon seek then they must surely consider such a scheme as this that could be implemented easily and effectively and would not lead to long dr awn out arguements in a single unified guild over past and present loyalties. If it is not reward for their skills that gandalf and allanon seek through this idea of unification . then what is it ? If it is rewards then surely this scheme has to be t he easiest way to

o it. Anyway these are simply ideas as are gandalfs ... but surely they are the most simple and straightforward ideas on this subject . Resnik *E