The Lord, Shaitanto Allanon

Macros/herne are irrelevent. They were, in fact, working fine until certain mercinaens took it upon themselves to ensure that herne's role was ruined. He was highly ranked in maedhros's following and maedhros and markus both had agreed that herne was well played. Macros simply did not like everyone knowing who herne was played by. Furthermore, the difference is that if herne had been helping thakria, for instance, it might be (MIGHT) be out of role. A loremaster helping thakria is not at all out of role.

I have never taken advantage of thakrian loremasters. I take advantage of alchemists all the time because you all think you can fight and die so easiler despit your immense defensive advantages. I'm curious what you would think if all the herb picking guilds got together and decided not to give herbs to anyone. Would you like fighting me without any breldiar? Muhahaha.