Full of it

The Lord, Shaitanto Allanon

You are totally full of shit allanon. You told me that any loremaster that doesn't go along with your little union \"will be crushed. \" I can see how non-violent you are. Furthermore, second characters are allowed as long as they are in role. I do not think it out of role for a Thakrian Loremaster to supply potions to fill thakria's stalls. They have always done it in the past and just because you and your little friends want to form a union doesn't mean they can't now. I will be curoius to see how you crush the loremasters that don't go along with your plan considering your promise not to attack someonen that doesn't attack you.

Also, I'd like to dispell some of the lies going on about loremaster's defensive skills. These guys claim they are doing this because right now everyone has access to the same defensive skills that a loremater has. BS. Check out healing potion equilibriums. A loremaster can take healing potions WAY faster than anyone else. Apparently a lot of loremasters don't even know this (i just demonstrated it to ramis, for instance). Also, if you think I'm going to stop attacking members of city governments just because they happen to be loremasters, you are sadly mistaken. Animists receive immunity from me because they do not take aligned roles in the game. They do not oppose me so I don't mess with them. I will destroy this plan fellows and there isn't jack you can do about it.