Allanonto Everyone

Furthermore I fail to understand how people like Xandamere can be such hypocrites the number of refills recharges I have performed for thakrians in the past is plentiful.

Whilst I hold some personal scores to settle they have no effect in these current actions.

In addition this is no Mercinae thing, Gandalf as Alchemist GM and myself as Artisan GM in discussion with our Loremaster Colleagues are just stating t the opinion of our members.

In due course as are the |Animist and Rangers it may be best for the Loremaster Profession to be not tied to any one city.

This is nothing to do with a Mafia as the Great Lord Shaitan puts it it is to do with estavblishing a fair and reasonable role for our profession (particularly those members with non ult skills) to fully practice their craft.